We invite those in the Bethel assembly to join together to celebrate a new year and decade in praying and seeking God for what he has in store in 2021.

A necessary way to start not just a season but the New Year. It anchors us spiritually to face our future. #Prayer #MakeTheMostOfPrayer #Praise

Join us every night on Zoom (details on newsletter) at 7pm-8pm.

Details of Week of Prayer themes and leaders….

After this I looked, and behold, a door standing open in heaven! And the first voice, which I had heard speaking to me like a trumpet, said, “Come up here, and I will show you what must take place after this.” Revelation 4:1


Sunday 10
th January at 7:00p.m – Pastor Ian Anderson

Elevation: We have an open door, an invitation to live from a higher place (elevated status). Everything about being in Christ is concerned with elevation. In Jesus, we are made vulnerable to an elevated perception, so powerful that we are raised up to encounter and experience a Heavenly identity that supersedes any earthly circumstance.



Monday 11th January at 7:00p.m – David Lucas

Inspiration: We are the light of the world. It is time to let our light shine, to demonstrate original design. It is time to show that God isn’t just good at religion or spiritual things. Our God is good at everything. Everyone, everywhere, every day, releasing life into a world being overwhelmed by darkness.



Tuesday 12th January at 7:00p.m  – Roy Mort

Revelation, dreams that shape the town: Jesus reigns supreme over all things. No exceptions. No exclusions. As students of Jesus, we are not passive underdogs in this world, struggling to survive this dark, corrupting culture until Jesus returns. No, we are the ones offering imaginative solutions to society’s most prevalent problems; we are culture creators, leading the way in every sphere; we are dream releasers, calling out the destiny, desires and divine design within each person.



Wednesday 13th January at 7:00p.m – Adrian Davies

Manifestation: God’s purposes, can only happen through His people shaping the community with His desires and dreams. Paul reinforces this idea elsewhere when he says: “God…uses us to spread the aroma of the knowledge of Him everywhere” 2 Corinthians 2:14 God fills the town through the dreams and desires of His people. Through you, me, each of us, showing up today and passionately, creatively and intentionally expressing the divine design God has placed within us.



Thursday 14th January at 7:00p.mMaralyn Mort

Ignite: God is preparing a new move of His Spirit as we come through this pandemic. How the new outpouring will manifest is of course a matter for the Holy Spirit John 3:8who blows where and when He wills. Prophecy is often a call for us to prepare our hearts for what God is about to do. It is our responsibility to respond to the word of the Lord so that we will be ready, prepared and alert for the Holy Spirit coming in power.



Friday 15th January at 7:00p.m – Clive Ball

Open: our lives. When we do this and make space for God, He will come in and fill us afresh. We will not experience just a superficial feeling but one that starts at the very depths of our being. He will not stop but He will keep going keep pouring Himself into us until He flows out of our lives out of our mouths in praise.



Saturday 16th January at 7:00p.m – Pastor Ian Anderson

Receive: All we need to complete the purpose for which God has called us. As we set aside everything that hinders us and keep our eyes fixed on Jesus, He will fill us and cause His glory to come upon us.