Adrian Davies

Co-Worship Team Leader

Rebecca Tucker

Co-Worship Team Leader

Welcome to our Worship ministry

Here at Bethel we believe in a Worship culture. One that goes beyond the stage & all that's seen in public. We believe that what is done is private, seeking God is made even more special when we come together to Worship.

We have a few members on team now leading the assembly in worship in various meetings. We believe in growth in people and continually developing the gifts that God has given us to praise him back with.

We hope you will join us and be encouraged by the sound that God is developing within our team and the songs written within our team would continue to encourage and build the body of Christ.

We want to encourage anybody who has a gift or is looking to develop to come along to our monthly Open Practice. Please speak to a member of the team about coming along! (see link below).

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