Aged 11-18

Bethel Elim Neath, Neath


11:00 am Melyn Community Centre


7:00pm - 9:00pm

Marie Richards

X Stream Youth Leader

X Stream Teens

X Stream Teens on Sunday (11-16)
Friday Night Youth (11-18)

These are fun interactive groups for comprehensive school teenagers aged 11-18 years. We meet every Sunday between 11am to 1pm. Also Friday Nights 7pm to 9pm.

With our team of enthusiastic leaders we enjoy a time of fun, games, snacks and lively discussion on the many topics and truths found in the Bible. Our teenagers learn how the lessons in the Bible and their faith in Jesus can help and guide them through the many ups and downs of their exciting, but sometimes confusing, young lives.

So, come and join us if you dare, and discover fun, friendship and faith for yourselves!!!