We as people are made to serve God by obediently carrying out whatever task He has entrusted us with. Serving implies responsibility, so that is where our responsibility to God comes into play.

The core foundation of how God operates is that responsibility is put upon us because we have the ability to do His will.

When it comes down to God, He is undoubtedly a highly responsible God. All throughout history, He has always been the One who makes the first move when getting things done. He does however, expect us to make the next move obediently and earnestly in response to His initial move toward us.

God has been assigning humankind with various types of responsibilities since creation from Genesis in the Garden of Eden to Revelation.

God has made us to be responsible individuals and to live responsibly. Out of the many responsibilities we have, the one that is most important is our commitment to our responsibilities from God.  If we are willing to carry it out wholeheartedly, it will automatically empower us to carry out anything else He gives us.

Responsibility is something that is given to be taken very seriously, not to be ducked out of by making up excuses. Excuses should never become a substitute to taking up our responsibility before God.