Text: Matthew 6:24 – 34

v.24 reminds us that it is possible to put our focus and energies into the wrong things. When we do, we lose all perspective 

Things are changing all the time and everything is being shaken.

Jesus says do not worry or be anxious. It is sometimes too easy to say do not worry when our natural circumstances say something else.

God provides for the birds everything that they need . Jesus asks are we not worth more than the birds/ creatures of the earth. The answer  is of course ‘Yes’

We by the hand of God are made unique, there is no one else like us. God has made us in His image.

We have to answer the question about whether God cares about us because our response will determine how we respond to Him.

We must fix our eyes on Jesus not on money, politics, leaders

Jesus tells us that our focus must be on the daily provision not concerning ourselves with storing up for the future.

Psalm 20:7