Roy Mort concludes with the 4th word in this series around the Four I’s of our vision plan; Intimacy, Inspired, Influence and Impact.

Reading from Mark 15:33-34.

For Jesus, in order for him to die. he had to stop talking and God’s presence had to leave him.
What do we take from that?

In order for us to keep the spirit alive in us, we need to be active. To speak, sing the word of God. We need the presence of God to be felt and seen in us.

The Holy Spirit wants to expose those sins in us. To convict us into action to deal with those things.

How do we get the Holy Spirit to remain in us? To host him?
We need to live clean lives. To talk the same language as him.

He wants to empower us. Yet, how much we desire to be with him?

We pray that you will be hosts for the Holy Spirit. To be empowered by him, to allow God to touch others through his working in us.