Key Text: Nehemiah 1: – 2:5

There may be times when we already know the news, we are familiar with what is happening. But have moments when we are reminded our hearts are moved.

There may be a time for us to return to fasting and weeping, setting aside the ‘stiff upper lip’ and weep for the things that are in God’s heart.

Nehemiah reminds us that God has a heart that is moved to compassion. 

Maybe our prayer has been Lord you see, you hear, you move but do something for your glory.

Maybe we have a sense that the word of God is rare or not heard in our circumstances.

  1. There was a time of private prayer  for Nehemiah, in order that God might move. Have confidence that the glory of God will be demonstrated in our life.
  2. There is a time of ‘hidden’ prayer for Nehemiah. – ‘Lord Help Me.’
  3. Nehemiah was willing to proclaim the goodness of God, before King Artexerses and the people.

Our prayers in both public and private can change world situations.

Romans 8:26-27