Immoveable The Chaos We Encounter –Acts 27:1-12


In this single event, Paul revealed his strengths, the anchors for his soul.

Every single one of us will need an anchor or several anchors to hold us through the chaos that we will without doubt encounter.

1.He Knows the Presence of God v.23

 When everyone was in despair and the situation was seemingly hopeless, Paul was calm and confident because he knew God was present.

An angel of God came and stood beside him in a vision. The storms and chaos of life cannot hide us from God.We may not see Him but He sees us. We may think God is very far away, but He is with us and is watching us.

The reality is that we never go through anything by ourselves, because God is always with us. Joshua 1:5 I will not leave you or forsake you Hebrews 13:5

God re-assures Paul of His presence, despite the dark and violent storm they were in.

And now the Lord assures Him again, in the violent storm. He will not die. None of them will perish.

The real test of our faith is when we face a crisis. It is easier to live like a Christian when things are going great, when all our prayers are answered, when we are in good health and money is coming in.

The test comes when problems arise at work, when we are diagnosed with an illness, when darkness tempts us to despair and give up hope, like the other sailors.

We have to know that God is present in peaceful times before you can believe He is present with you in a crisis.

2.He Knows The Purpose of God v.24-26

God has a plan for Paul. His plan was not for him to end up at the bottom of the ocean. His destiny was in God’s hands, so are ours. Nothing can happen to you outside the purposes of God.

If He has a plan for your life (and he does), then storms are just temporary challenges toward fulfilling God’s purpose.

Everyone onboard would be saved, the Lord assured Paul. God can save everyone, all 276 of them 37, even with the ship destroyed. How can Paul be so calm? God said so. No one will perish.

But even after God had spoken, note there was a natural way out and seemingly through.30 there was a boat and some of the sailors were looking to take this way out.

There will always be times when God speaks and we doubt, we continue to look for natural ways out and through and sometimes we think that we know better than God.

But look at the advice 31 ‘Unless you stay in the boat, you cannot be saved.’ Jesus says stay with me, remain in me don’t be tempted to jump ship and give up. It may be anxious, uncertain.

 You may be struggling against the urge to take matters/ your circumstances into your own hands.

3.He knows The Promise of God

Paul: “So keep up your courage, men, for I have faith in God that it will happen exactly as he told me.” 25

Paul is not trying to make everyone feel good. Paul himself is onboard. He is speaking from experience. Each time God said something, it always comes to pass.

God keeps His promise without fail. It will happen as He said. You may get wet sometimes, but God can still keep you above the waters. Even when your ship sinks, God can keep you afloat.


v. 29“Fearing that we might run on the rocks, they let down four anchors from the stern and prayed for day to come.’’

Drop your anchors – hold on to His presence, His purpose and His promise to you.

And pray for day to come Pray for light to come, because it will come. It’s just a matter of time. You will find yourself on solid ground, standing on your feet.