Maralyn Mort brings the word this morning about ‘Legacy’. Reading from 1 Kings 21 v 1-10.

Jezebel would always seek to control through other people (without taking their own responsibility).

Ahab wanted to buy Naboth’s land, he wanted his legacy to grow vegetables instead of a vineyard. He offered a fair price, nothing was done wrong. Although Naboth refuses the offer, declaring the Lord forbids is (In Israel they did sell any land).

Ahab sulked and told his wife Jezebel, who wrote to elders and nobles in her husbands name to bring people together in Prayer. Had Jezebel offered a night of dibortiury, then Naboth would not have gone near it. But she used prayer as a way to lure him, giving him a place at the table and let him to be accused against the king.

Ahab had compromised his position, he allowed Jezebel to become authoritative and make decisions for him.

What they didn’t account for, was that God had already raised up Elijah. He walked in God’s authority up to the King (no one would every walk up to a king) to share the Lord’s condemnation on them.

They tarnish the Lord’s legacy on the land.

We have a legacy in this place.

We are supposed to be, who we are called to be.

We use it or we lose it.

We have to allow God to do what he wants to do. Don’t settle for the vegetables, when you can have the wine.

When we take our place to where God calls us to be, God will encourage and strengthen you.

God has a purpose for you, me and for this place.

We have a legacy to pass on to other generations.