Key Texts: John 1:43-51 and Matthew 6:5-6

God says I see you

The Seeking Heart –

Jesus first teaches us how NOT to pray.

The word hypocrite is a theatrical term referencing trying to be something that you are not.

Don’t try to be something that you are not before the Father.

Found people, find people

Nathaniel had a fig tree, a place to go and seek God. A place no one else knew about.

The Searching Eye –

Nathaniel makes the declaration that Jesus is God, the messiah.

What was Nathaniel praying about that morning.

The power of being seen under the fog tree & being known was enough to convince Nathaniel.

God sees me

The reward is that God reveals Himself to us.

The Satisfied Soul –

Genesis 28:16-17

We are now the temples of the living God.

Worshipping God is not about a singular place but about having a secret place in our hearts. So we can connect with God at anytime & in any place.

The secrets place is where God sees us and will reveal Himself to us.

Psalm 63:1-7