Pastor Ian starts a new series, labelled ‘Simply’. Reading from Genesis 5:15-22.

Do we live in joy? Our we feeling loneliness and bitterness?

Are we caught up in the snare of the enemy? Are we feeling defeated?

We can often blame things on our circumstances and saying “this is the reason why….”.

Paul says that we are in opposition to what Jesus promised for ourselves.

Enoch walked consistently with God for 365 years, how consistent are we?

God has done the work, he has taken us out of the Devil’s snare and into his heavenly presence. He came to find you personally, that you can be with him.

We HAVE to choose that we are going to walk with him consistently and more intimately.

If Enoch was able to consistently walk with God, why can’t we? Enoch showed we can walk with God in the midst of life, all its troubles and bearings.

We can do all the right things but if our hearts are not right, it counts for nothing.

We have to be different to the world. We have to be something more.

When Jesus returns, we will not stand with the guilty because God has made us good enough.

Both Elijah and Enoch both hated sin and walked with God in love. Both had a different perspective.

What have we compromised? Are we getting better? Being more satisfied in God?

The hard reality is that we don’t love Jesus enough to walk consistently with him.

Enoch’s testimony is simply this; He walked with God.

We pray that today you would choose to walk closely with God. To let your relationship become closer and more intimate. Take time to listen to him by his Spirit, coming aside to him in prayer and let your faith become more resolute.