Pastor Ian shares on Palm Sunday, ‘The Rejected Saviour’.

Reading from Psalms 118:19-29.

Rejection is a powerful thing that can have a life long negative impact.

Those that rejected Jesus, did so, because they didn’t believe who He said He was.

Blessed is the one comes to the Lord.

In 1 Samuel, a nation wanted to be ruled by a king. They wanted to be independent.

Some of us can have an independent spirit like that, because we have been offended or rejected in the past but never dealt with it. The word independence does not appear in the Bible and God wants us to live in communion with Him and others. Not in isolation through a spirit of independence.

Christ is the Cornerstone, the one who holds it all together, the one that everything points to. He ties us together.

Only by revelation and the empowering of the Holy Spirit can we truly know him.

God taught people that it is through his grace and not by our works that we can come to Him. That’s why many reject him because they cannot come to terms with the fact that they cannot earn their salvation or contribute in any way.